Monday, April 20, 2009

Guest Artist: Amanda Bradway

Our intrepid intern Ryan Pack (RP) is querying artist members about business of art tips. Watch on Mondays for new artist interviews. This week's query is to Amanda Bradway
RP: Amanda, you are pretty involved in the art scene in the Plaza District. I think it's a really exciting time to be an artist in that area. It seems like there are so many new opportunities being created. I guess people are finally getting tired of the mall. So my question is: What are your thoughts on the art scene in your area?

AB: Absolutely right on! I remember looking for places to put my work when I was just starting out and you really had to look for places willing to put up your work. Especially if it was "weird". Now it seems typical and people actually embrace the weirdness. I've seen 70 year old women buy fat naked monster ladies and skull paintings. Something I thought I would never see in Oklahoma. I've felt this excitement as well for the past 3 years especially. The times are changing. I don't know of any state that offers things like Momentum, you know?

Our area is full of unique opportunities for artists! In addition to having stores that carry local artists goods, the property owners are all creating live/work spaces for artists and artisans. This is a great way for them to make a living without breaking their budget. Having a storefront that people can come in to view works and interact with the actual artist in their own home, is something I'm pretty sure no other district offers. We are experiencing major changes up and down the block as storefronts are leasing. People come in every day to ask about the properties and happenings in the Plaza. We are fast becoming a district where young, emergent and fresh ideas are embraced and put to work. The energy is the same everywhere you go down here, the anticipation of something new and ground breaking in an area once known for drugs and prostitution. We personally are so excited to embrace, introduce and expose newer artists to the city. Where once people just shook their heads and may have said "Well that's weird", we are now seeing the public embrace and enjoy the different qualities these works have to offer. Many are so excited to see different works that have never had an opportunity for much exposure in Oklahoma City. The Plaza hopes to be an area where people can come to check out handmade locally produced goods and alternative art.


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