Friday, March 27, 2009

VisionMakers: Artist Interview with William Derrevere

VisionMakers 2009 features 37 Oklahoma artists working in three-dimensional and high craft media.

Guest blogger romy owens has done mini-interviews with many of the featured artists. Check back here during the run of the VisionMakers exhibition for insights into the world of these artists.

VisionMakers 2009 opens this Saturday, March 28 from 7-9pm at Six11 Creative, 611 N Broadway in Oklahoma City. It will run through April 30 and is open Thursday-Saturday, noon-6pm.

romy owens: How long have you been an artist?
Bill Derrevere: I have been an artist for 45 years.

ro: What is your preferred media for your artwork, and why?
BD: I work in resistant materials. I work in metals from precious metals to rusty steel. I am very interested in surfaces. I like hammering on metal to make surfaces.

ro: Is this your first year in VisionMakers?
BD: I have been in two or more previous Vision Makers.

ro: How does an exhibition like VisionMakers affect your art and/or career?
BD: I hope that this years VisionMakers show will interest an OKC gallery. I also hope it will speak to a visitor to the gallery.

ro: Who or what are your primary artistic influences?
BD: My primary artistic influences consist of found materials, flea markets, things found in the street or garbage cans in town. I really enjoy assembling objects that have totally lost any value and bring them back to life.

ro: What challenges do you face in making art?
BD: I have been trying to reinvent myself recently. I want to work in the unknown. I want to create where when you come to the studio in the morning you have no real idea what will happen during that creative process. The surprise occurs for both the artist and the viewer. That to me is a good day.

ro: Where can people you don't know see more of your artwork?
BD: I show my work at M.A. Doran gallery in Tulsa. I also show my work in Eureka Springs Arkansas at Zarks.

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sarah makes pictures said...

Cool interview series. This is a great way to teach us a little about each of the VisionMakers artists! I'm looking forward to the rest.