Monday, November 3, 2008

Artist Tip: Identify your work

Always put your name, contact information and piece information on the back of your work. One thing important that people learn the first time they help organize an exhibition of other artists’ work is that you need to have at least your name and title on your work. Frequently, artists bring their work with not a mark on the back.

For instance, I recently organized an exhibition with 18 artists in it. Several pieces had no name on the back, much less a title or contact information. Of those pieces, a few were delivered when I was not in the office, so could easily have not known which was which.

To learn about this… you can volunteer for a local gallery. We are glad to have help, email Sarah to ask about volunteer opportunities. Most any nonprofit gallery is glad to have volunteer help preparing exhibitions such as IAO Gallery, TAC Gallery, Living Arts, Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, and more.

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