Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colorful Impressions: Tulsa Art Studio Tour Derek Penix

This post is part of our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Tulsa Art Studio Tour 2014. A self-guided tour, the Tulsa Art Studio Tour showcases the talent of artists who live and work in Tulsa.Today we are featuring Tour artist Derek Penix.

Inspired by Nicolai Fechin and French Impressionists, artist Derek Penix creates colorful impressionistic scenes of  nature and marine life. Looking for the abstract rather than reality, his oil paintings capture the essence and impression of a subject, frequently changing the colors of the subjects. "My goal is to not have a routine way to paint," he says.

Penix did not enjoy drawing growing up, though his mother was an artist, but always wanted to work for Walt Disney. He started painting after high school and once he sold some work, started to take it more seriously. Largely self taught, Penix was recognized in South West Art Magazine's "21 Under 31" artist competition in 2010.
Boat in Cassis France, Derek Penix, oil, 24x24"
Penix worked long and hard on his craft, studying under the tutelage of artist Quang Ho. Penix took a workshop under Mr. Ho, and from this experience he believes his paintings have grown more in the last two years than in his whole twelve years of painting. No longer worried about his craft, Penix puts the emphasis on his creativity and the creative process behind his work.

Tour Artist Derek Penix in his studio
He has worked hard to create a studio space for his painting, and is represented by galleries in California, Colorado, Michigan, and New Mexico. As he shows largely outside of Oklahoma, he is excited to bring local neighbors into his studio space to show his work and learn about him. He feels he is better known elsewhere than his hometown, and the Tulsa Art Studio Tour is an opportunity to change that.

Meet & see the working studio of Penix along with 13 other artists on April 12-13, noon until 5 pm on the Tulsa Art Studio TourFor more info, or to purchase tickets, visit

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