Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rituals and Games: Tulsa Art Studio Tour Artist John Bryant

This post is part of our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Tulsa Art Studio Tour 2014. A self-guided tour, the Tulsa Art Studio Tour showcases the talent of artists who live and work in Tulsa.Today we are featuring Tour artist John Bryant.

John Bryant grew up in Texas and therefore considers himself a Texan. "Like many other Texans I wasn’t actually born there, but it’s where I grew up so it feels like home, even if I don’t live there anymore," said Bryant of his Texas experience, "In many ways it’s more fun to be a Texan away from home than it is to live there and endure the blistering heat while being devoured by fire ants."

Tour Artist John Bryant
He attended the University of Tulsa and graduated with an undergraduate degree in printmaking. He then worked as a teacher both here in the United States as well as Japan. He returned to Oklahoma to and is working on his master’s degree at the University of Tulsa.

John Bryant's Studio at the Zarrow Center
He was attracted to printmaking because the end product is "not necessarily precious, it can be repeated, prints can be given away, they can also be incorporated into other art forms," said Bryant.  "I am currently working with cardboard, collaged materials, and screen printing," he added.

Bryant work concerns symbols and rituals. He has a secret language of symbols in his work, and through his art, he is trying to put together a puzzle. Art is how Bryant translates his thoughts into the physical world. "I have a problem with not really being satisfied with anything I make," noted Bryant, "Fortunately, this keeps me busy trying to be better."

Meet & see the working studio of Bryant along with 13 other artists on April 12-13, noon until 5 pm on the Tulsa Art Studio TourFor more info, or to purchase tickets, visit www.TulsaArtStudioTour.org

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