Friday, January 24, 2014

End-in-Itself: Momentum OKC 2014 Spotlight Artist Eli Casiano

As a part of Momentum OKC, three artists received $2,000 Momentum Spotlight commissions to create new artwork with feedback from guest curators, Nathan Lee and Samantha Dillehay. Selected Momentum Spotlight artists are Eli Casiano of Oklahoma City, Elliott Robbins of Midwest City, and Katy Seals of Norman.

Blending painting, sculpture and sound, artist Eli Casiano explores the false sense of pleasure perpetuated by media and society. Casiano was awarded one of three Spotlight awards for his project “End-in-Itself”, which debuts at Momentum March 7th & 8th.

process shot from End-in-Itself by Eli Casiano, acrylic, 2014
Casiano’s project includes four 5x5’ square canvases arranged around a cube, each side emitting audio loop, composed of musical arrangements related to the imagery. Suspended from the ceiling of the venue, this sculpture will confront the viewer with bright depictions of familiar pop-culture images and “skewed musical progressions.”

Rehashing images from movies, comics and TV, Casiano’s work draws in viewers with its recognizable imagery while challenging our connections to these representations. Casiano’s paintings and sounds mimic the bombardment of information we face in an age of increasing technological communication. 

Momentum Spotlight Artist Eli Casiano working on his project
Concerned with hedonism and its consequences on cultural identity, Casiano‘s dark mash-ups interrogate our culture that glorifies an unachievable end through wealth and sex. These colorful and elaborate hybrids question our reasoning and act as “metaphors for bodily transformation, depravity, and sexual aspirations.”

Submissions for Momentum OKC are due by January 27, 2014 at 5 pm. Oklahoma artists aged 30 and younger are eligible. Momentum OKC opens March 7-8, 8-midnight, at the Farmer's Public Market, OKC.

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