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Making Memories, Making Connections: OVAC’s Fall 2013 Interns

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition serves artists and the art community in a variety of ways. This includes assisting eager artists and arts advocates who seek to become more deeply connected to Oklahoma’s art network through a semester internship. These talented, generous, hard-working interns join the staff in a cooperative effort to fulfill the organization’s mission.

As we wrap up another year and look back on all that has happened, we want to take a moment to recognize and thank OVAC’s Fall 2013 Interns: Joshua Cassella, Katelynn Knick and Meredith Tatum. Since August, they have helped behind the scenes in countless ways – event preparation and follow-up, office assistance and everything in-between.

Geting to know the OVAC Interns:

Joshua Cassella
Interning at OVAC has been an amazing experience. I had been searching for an art related job when a friend of mine who had recently gotten a job through an internship referred me to the OVAC internship, the deadline for application was the next day but I managed to get in just in time.Working at the OVAC office has really opened my eyes to the incredible amount of dedication that the people at OVAC, their interns and volunteers have, it is no wonder they are able to do so many amazing things for the people of Oklahoma.

My responsibilities for things like compiling data, contacting art buyers and distribution of information to artists gave me a feeling of ownership in the organization. After working mostly in retail all my life, it is refreshing to come in to an organized, task-driven environment and doing a job that I know is benefiting artists all over the state. Being able to assist and see what successful artists in Oklahoma are doing has given me a stronger vision of what I need to pursue in my journey as a visual artist and arts educator.

Katelynn Knick
 I knew I wanted to do an internship while I was in college, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I had only heard of Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and wasn’t sure of its role in the community or how to get involved. This fall I was granted the opportunity to be an intern for OVAC and I am so glad that I was. As an intern, I was the extra set of hands for the whole organization.

My first priority was to learn more about OVAC and figure out how the organization operated and what they offered to the art world. I came in to the office every Friday and each week I was doing something different, which made coming to the OVAC office exciting. I worked on various tasks that needed to be done, such as working to get the mailings out to the members and local art organizations, updating the information in the database to insure that every member was being reached, and I also helped with running some of OVAC’s big events, such as the 12x12 fundraiser and Momentum Tulsa.

As a student, I believe it is necessary to engage in events and organizations outside of the school community so that I am prepared for life after school. My goal is to become a working artist and educator after I graduate, focusing my life around teaching the public, advocating for the arts, while also being a producing artist.  Interning with OVAC has greatly helped me develop this goal and figure out how I am going to make it happen.

Meredith Tatum
What made you want to intern with OVAC?
I do not have any background or education that is art related so when I first came to OVAC I did not know too much about it. After some research I discovered it was a great organization that benefited a lot of different people and I realized I wanted to be a part of it anyway I can.

What does an average day look like for you as an OVAC intern?
Every day the tasks change because there are constantly different things going on. Sometimes I do database entries and filing, other days I help set up whatever event is coming up. Another task I did was bulk mailing. I don’t want to brag, but I believe I can now call myself a bulk mail master.

What did you learn from being an intern at OVAC?
I learned so much during my time as an intern. So many incredible things are happening within the Oklahoma art community that I had no idea about before my time here. This is an organization that truly does their work for the benefit of the artists and I think it is amazing. The people who work with OVAC, whether they are employees, volunteers, or committee members, are so passionate about what they do and I am so honored to have been a part of that.

What was your favorite thing about being an intern?
First of all, I loved 12x12. I had never been before and I was blown away by the event. Most of all, I liked the people. Everyone in the office is so kind and welcoming. I could not have asked for better people to work for as an intern. They made my experience wonderful and I only hope they enjoyed having me half as much as I enjoyed working with them.


Joshua Cassella holds a BFA with a focus on Painting from Oklahoma City University. Katelynn Knick is a junior at the University of Oklahoma working toward a BFA in Contemporary Sculpture and Painting. Meredith Tatum is a recent Oklahoma State University graduate, receiving a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.

Thank you Joshua, Katelynn and Meredith for all your hard work throughout the semester!

To apply to be an OVAC intern, email a cover letter and resume to
Spring Deadline: December 31   / 
Summer Deadline: April 30
here for more information.

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