Monday, October 7, 2013

To Escape and Overcome: Momentum Tulsa Artist Blake Stewart

Blake Stewart, Ada

Laura Reese: What is your concept and inspiration for this piece in Momentum?
Blake Stewart: My piece for Momentum, Disconnect Complete, is a painting I made earlier this year as the third piece in a series of three paintings.  

The paintings are based around the theme of Capture, Torment, and Escape.  In these paintings the central character is represented in a simple silhouette, who is interacting with his "tormentors" who are represented as figures in robes or other strange garments that are covered in geometric pattern and various design.

These scenes and the characters depicted within them, all exist in an alternate world from our own where all of my paintings are set.  The characters themselves represent any number of 
personal emotions, trials, and life events that I may be exploring through my work at any given time.  

Blake Stewart, Disconnect Complete, Acrylic, $700

Is this work part of a series?
In this series in particular, I am using the [above themes] to represent my own struggles with the repeating cycles and battles with addiction that I have dealt with in my past and overcome.  
Disconnect Complete is the third painting in the series, representing "Escape", and is a painting I wanted to make to express my personal feeling of rising above, and the reclamation of a personal strength and identity that had at one point in my life been taken from me by the tormentor of addiction.  

Where else can the audience see your work?
My work can be found on my website:

Momentum Tulsa opens October 12 with live music, performance and visual art by 51 young Oklahomans. The exhibition remains on display until October 24 at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E Brady. Learn more or buy tickets at

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