Monday, September 9, 2013

Sassy Sophistication: 12x12 Artist Bert Seabourn

Guest Author: Lauren Gardner, OVAC Intern

Oklahoma artist Bert Seabourn, who is based out of Warr Acres, provided a piece with a bit of attitude for this year’s 12X12 event.

Seabourn’s Bring It On confronts us with what he describes as a “very sassy and very sophisticated urban dweller.”  What is striking about this painting is the way the woman portrayed commands our attention with her sidelong stare as if only to say to us, “what do you think you’re looking at?” 

Bert Seabourn, Bring It On, Acrylic on Canvas, $450
Seabourn says this simple, yet striking muted color palette was chosen after he finished the initial sketch on the canvas and he recognizes that color can very easily set the mood of a painting.  In the case of Bring It On, the muted color palette allows for the subject’s strength to be what is central in this piece.

View and bid on this artwork as part of the 12x12 Art Fundraiser September 20th, along with food, fun and 149 other artists. Preview the artwork for the one-night event and purchase tickets here:

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