Monday, September 16, 2013

Ethereal Tranquility: 12x12 Artist Suzanne Peck

Guest Author: Lauren Gardner, OVAC Intern

For this year's 12x12 Art Fundraiser, artist Suzanne Peck painted Fog, capturing the serenity of the haze. Below is our question and answer session with Peck.

What was your inspiration for Fog?  Is this painting part of a series? If so could you discuss the series and how the pieces relate?

 I was out on the road at Eastern and Kelly on an incredibly foggy morning and I shot a couple of photos w/my phone, it was such a foggy day that I wanted to harness that ethereal state of tranquility.
This new work gas grown into quite a strong body of work in the "Fog" series and the more I paint them-the further from reality they become because I am now inventing these scenes.

Suzanne Peck, Fog, Oil on masonite, $450

Your piece Fog feels darker in terms of mood than some of your other landscapes.  What led you to explore this more muted color palette? 

I have broken away from some of my usual colorful pieces to enjoy serenity and no harsh color! I have painted landscapes in the past and am always trying to "impress" and theatrically demonstrate subject matter, but I have somewhat given up thinking I'm ever going to be a 
"great" artist so I decided to just do what seemed simple and forthright just as a project for me without any preconceived ideas of grandeur. These paintings are simple and plentiful and "in my own backyard".

View and bid on this artwork as part of the 12x12 Art Fundraiser September 20th, along with food, fun and 149 other artists. Preview the artwork for the one-night event and purchase tickets here:

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