Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Living Color - Janet Fadler Davie

Tulsa Studio Tour Artist Janet Fadler Davie in her studio
Having painted decorative art on furniture in the US for twenty-nine years, Janet Fadler Davie got her start painting murals in a local flower shop. This career allowed her to afford her studio, which helped her transition to her career in fine art. 

She is an expert in trompe-l’oeil paintings, and their precision brings her much satisfaction. However, after a sabbatical to California, she explored brighter colors and looser brushwork in her transition from murals to canvas. "My muses as of late have been places I've visited, such as the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, CO, resulting in colorful paintings," says Davie.
Janet Fadler Davie, Dushanbe Tea
Her studio’s rich history and beautiful architecture serves as a muse, and provides much inspiration for her colorful, impressionistic paintings. Her studio also serves as an educational art space, where she conducts classes for adults who have never painted, opening up doors for new artists.

Meet & see the working studio of Davie along with 9 other artists on April 20-21, noon until 5 pm on the Tulsa Art Studio TourFor more info, or to purchase tickets, visit

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