Friday, March 29, 2013

Joy of Process - Kathy Wills

Polymer Clay Jewelry by Kathy Wills
Growing up in her parent’s hobby shop, Kathy Wills’ mother sold dollhouse miniatures, exposing her at an early age to polymer clay crafts. She could not find her knack creating miniature food or kitchen items, but she found her niche with jewelry making. 
Studio Tour Artist Kathy Wills in her Studio
The process is important to her, as she can experience the joy of playing and experimentation with color, shapes as well as technique. Each jewelry piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, and her memories of a piece are not of the finished product, but of the journey of making. "The product is a happy bonus. I enjoy mixing color and shapes as well as experimenting with new techniques," says Wills, "What is really more memorable to me is the fun I had in making it."

"I love to use color and create bright, cheerful pieces," she says, and indeed her work is full of vivid colors and bold shapes. However, her technique is anything but simple. Wills uses complex processes to mimic natural materials, such as turquoise.  The realm of possibilities with polymer clay is endless and Kathy considers herself in a state of perpetual learning.

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