Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Music Heads: Timothy Hearne

Tim Hearne, Moore
Tim Hearne, MusicHead IV, Color Pencil/Pastel, 24x18  
What was your concepts and inspiration for this piece/these pieces?
Hearne: The Musichead piece is part of a group highlighting the fact that people who would be referred to as "music heads" can be found in all parts of society. It is slowly being expanded upon.

My definition comes from more of a hip-hop/rap perspective, like the person that is always following the mixtape scene for new artists, etc. It can apply to all genres though.

Please explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work.
I typically envision a rough idea of the pose needed in my head and then follow that up by looking for references that best fit it. This can be done via the web or my own photos.
This image, along with the other aspects of the piece, are then worked with via a "digital sketchbook" process to play with colors and composition before committing the idea to paper.

I work with dry mediums but I plan to introduce paint into some of my pieces as the year progresses. I also work more loosely from time to time as a sort of "break".

Where else can audiences see your artwork? This page will also provide links to my Tumblr and Facebook (where I post most of my in progress photos).

Currently, I am working to continue my rap/hip-hop related portrait series for exhibition this summer at Exhibit by Aberson in Tulsa, OK.

This artwork will be featured at Momentum OKC, opening March 1 & 2 at the 50 Penn Place in Oklahoma City. View, experience and purchase art by Oklahoma emerging young artists. Learn more at

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