Monday, February 25, 2013

Layne Inselman: Lifeless Theatre

Layne Inselman, Norman 
Layne Inselman, Auditorium, Long Theatre (Keyes, OK), Digital Photograph, 16 x 20 
What is your concept and inspiration for this piece in Momentum?
Inselman: My photograph is of an abandoned and now-shabby movie theater in the panhandle of Oklahoma (the town of Keyes, to be precise). I spent a few years there as a kid and I traveled back there recently and explored some of the tarnished downtown area. All the chairs are gone from the auditorium, though it is still possible to make out the old screen used as a backdrop when they used to show movies there. 

I personally love the shot because I think it has that "dying small town" feel to it, plus the angle is the same angle you would view if you were to walk into the theatre to look for a seat some 30 years ago.

Please explain the technique and/or process you used to create this work.
Inselman: The print is of a digital photograph. It has been edited to black and white for three important reasons:
1. Compositionally, the stark lines of the wood frame and its shadows create interesting positive/negative relationships within the photograph.
2. Conceptually, the monochromatic image evokes a sense of yesteryear, as most films that were shown in this theater were likely in black and white themselves.
3. The colorlessness adds bleak and almost sorrowful emotions, which I personally think enhances the idea that what once used to be a gathering place for happy moviegoers is now all but destroyed.

Where else can audiences see your artwork?
Inselman: I am in the process of creating a website, but in the meantime I will post photographs from time to time on my Facebook page:

Maybe eventually you'll be able to see my work in other galleries too!

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