Thursday, February 21, 2013

Erin Latham: Underwater Adventure

As a part of Momentum OKC 2013, Erin Latham (Norman), Zachary Presley (Durant), and Matthew Kaney (Norman) received $2,000 Momentum Spotlight commissions to create new artwork. They are working with the guest curators PLUG Projects (Kansas City, MO) and Taryn Chubb (Ada, OK). 

Erin Latham, Ceiling of :in carta silvumRelief printed installation, 18'x24'x8', 2012
Erin Latham, Norman 
Photic Cingulus
See Latham’s artist profile video.

Erin Latham: Project Description
I plan to create a large scale, relief printed installation that would envelop the viewer in the seemingly underwater enclosure of a kelp forest. The installation would focus on allowing the viewer to understand an ecosystem through materials that are recycled and repurposed. The kelp forest would be made almost entirely out of relief printed and hand cut paper media. As my medium is printmaking the work would be first carved out of woodblocks and then mass printed on a relief press. It would also include dramatic lighting and gauze material stretched across the ceiling, in order to simulate the underwater experience.

I am a mixed media printmaker concerned with sustainability in printmaking. I am intrigued by the complexity of organisms within nature and their connection to humanity and the ethereal.  I want to conjure up the memory of a moment; one that is personal, yet shared by everyone, a micro epiphany. The quiet realization one has when one’s surroundings, the earth, the world at large asserts its presence upon an individual. A potential moment of clarity when an individual understands that they are inconsequential, and  only a small part of a grander non-human scheme.

Momentum OKC  opens March 1 & 2 at the 50 Penn Place in Oklahoma City. View, experience and purchase art by Oklahoma emerging young artists. Learn more at

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Erin, this is SO cool!! You are brilliant. I love it!