Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life at the Border: Narciso Argüelles

See Narciso Argüelles Residency artist video profile here.

Narciso Argüelles

Residency Project Statement: 
Heaven Spots
“Heaven Spots” is an old urban art term that refers to high areas on buildings where street art is done; it also references the perils of working on such hard-to-reach sites. Public art has a long tradition in the Mexican culture that I—and the many Mexican-Americans in Oklahoma—belong to, from the Aztec murals, the frescoes of Diego Rivera, and the 1960s Chicano murals. My art reaffirms my culture and also protests injustices by reinterpreting familiar objects and icons in an unexpected manner. House Bill 1804 is an example of the anti-immigration climate in Oklahoma that I fight against. For me, this is part of my culture. This is not Street Art. 

Narciso Argüelles is an artist and educator living in Edmond. His art has been exhibited all over Oklahoma and around the world including a two person show at the [Artspace] at Untitled Gallery, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Gallery, Intar Gallery, the Ninth Biennale of Sydney Australia, and the First Johannesburg Biennale in South Africa.  Argüelles’ fine art photography includes experimentation with printing surfaces, sometimes called Digital Alchemy. Some prints are done on aluminum and copper.  Argüelles’ goals include the promotion, preservation, and celebration of Mexican, Chicano, Latino and Indigenous art.  

Read more in this Art Focus Oklahoma magazine article or in previous posts here and here. The Concept/OK: Art in Oklahoma exhibition welcomes the public until February 16, 2013 at the new Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council’s Hardesty Arts Center. See for more information. 

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