Monday, January 7, 2013

Figures in Oil Paint: Kaylee Huerta

Author: Heather Eck (OVAC Intern)
Kaylee Huerta, Seated on Armrest2011, Oil on canvas, 34” x 40”
Tulsa Artist Kaylee Huerta paints what she knows: the human figure. The human figure supplies organic shapes and structures in the simplest forms. Huerta manages to capture these simple, organic forms into paintings. Seated on Armrest, Huerta’s Concept/OK exhibition piece is one of these paintings. A male figure is seated on the armrest of a green chair. Background details are painted in a way as to not distract the viewer from the focal point of the work in its entirety: the figure.      

Q: What object, place, or event inspired you to create your Concept/OK piece, Seated on Armrest?
KH: Seated on Armrest was a spontaneous departure from my early work that came after years of working from life with my friend and model Larry Sorrels. We were moving things around in his apartment looking for new and interesting poses/compositions. He sat on the armrest of the chair and I enjoyed so many things about the setup. For instance, the way the figure was dark and moody, the dark mass from the door and chair surrounding the figure, the conversation between the chair and figure. Then in the very different way I approached the application, this painting set off a long investigation into all of these ideas and then many more.

Q: Is the human body the most important subject you work with? If so, why?
KH: Though I have many interests in my work, the figure is a constant interest in my work. I find the human figure beautiful for its organic form, intelligent geometry, and luminous skin. I enjoy working with proportion and light. It's fascinating how specific an unassuming part of the body can be.

Q: How do you come up with your compositions? Are they based off of photos or are they representations of compositions you imagine?
KH: My compositions feed off of the live environment and model, and in response to the painting itself. The compositions gradually grow throughout the painting process.

Q: Do you primarily work with paint or do you work with other mediums?
KH: I primarily work with oil paints and pencil on paper.

The Concept/OK: Art in Oklahoma exhibition welcomes to the public through February 16, 2013  at the new Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council’s Hardesty Arts Center. Admission is free of charge. See for more information. 

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