Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heading to Art Prize: Aaron Hauck

Guest Author: Cayla Lewis

Professional Basics Grant: Art Prize
Aaron Hauck, High Technology Forager;  Break 
enamel on thermoformed acrylic plastic, 44”x14”x6”, 2011
After receiving his MFA at Montana State and studying internationally, Aaron Hauck is an Assistant Professor at East Central University in Ada, OK and the Creative Director at MVP Sport.

His work primarily focuses on consumerism and how it affects contemporary culture and the natural environment. Hauck often references Ancient tools, such as Clovis points to show how tools have changed over time, reflecting on how today; tools are redesigned and mass-produced, with a strong focus on branding. He claims the food-service industry is also like this, and “as a result we have no personal connection with the bulk of the tools we use and the food we eat.”

These ideas inspire his particular industrial and machine aesthetic, leaving little to no trace of human hand. Hauck is greatly influenced by consumerism and sees the beauty in commercial product but also believes that the sleek and shiny will draw the viewer in and eventually leave them to “discover underlying meaning.”

Aaron Hauck, High Technology Forager; Shuffle
enamel on thermoformed acrylic plastic, 44”x14”x6”, 2011
Hauck’s “High Technology Foragers,” a collection of six large, wall sculptures have recently been selected to be included in ArtPrize 2012. OVAC’s Professional Basic Grant will help Hauck bring national recognition to his work by transporting the sculptures to the exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan opening September 15.

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition invests in artists’ project through grants for growing careers, creative projects and exceptional continuing education. Find grant guidelines and application 
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