Friday, July 27, 2012

What Do Artists Need? How Do Artist Impact Our Community?

Artists discuss strategies at June Artist Summit (that's me in green & white shirt)

This probably goes without saying, but I think the artist community is incredibly important. For about the past six months, I have been knee deep a study examining artists’ needs and artists’ impact on our community (more than usual) helping with the Artist Support Study commissioned by the Cultural Development Corporation of Central Oklahoma.

Of course we at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition are constantly examining artists’ needs as we plan programs. But being part of this effort has helped me look more holistically at how artists of all disciplines interact and sustain. It is also interesting to focus on a metropolitan area, rather than the whole state, since the associations are different.
Artist Support Study Steering Committee Co-Chair Dylan Bradway
reports in at June Artist Summit
Led by our able consultants Tom Borrup and Shirley Sneve with Minneapolis-based firm Creative Community Builders, the Artist Support Study gathered input from over 120 artists, arts professionals, neighborhood leaders and educators since January.  I have been involved as the co-chair of implementing the Cultural Plan for Greater Oklahoma City.
Artists discuss strategies at June Artist Summit
If you are interested in the bigger picture for OKC-area community and artists, please join us at the release event for the study on Tuesday, July 31 at 5:30 pm in the Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City. More information:

Either way, I’ll report back here about the study and plan after it is public. Go artists!


romy owens said...

go artists! go art community!

Jason Blankenship said...

glad to see this happen - anxious to see what implementation will look like as well - but a good step.