Monday, April 30, 2012

Arts & Artists: Important to Our State

We celebrate Oklahoma’s first Arts Day today, April 30, 2012.

Why? The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition speaks up for artists to be sure our legislators and others leaders know that artists improve our state on a daily basis. Artists better our state culturally and economically. We rely on the Oklahoma Arts Council, a state agency, to serve these artists.

Of course, artists create new work as they paint, sculpt, draw, edit, conceive and more. We have contact with 4,637 visual artists around the state. Imagine the quantity and variety of their work!

Many artists share their ideas and vision with the world, sometimes capturing our history and emotions while other times pushing toward the future.

Beyond the immediate impact of their artwork, artists play many other roles in our communities. They teach our youth, lead in our cities, and volunteer through charities.

Plus, artists build their small businesses. Known for their entrepreneurship, artists find all kinds of ways to make a livelihood, from public art commissions to creative retail businesses.

Amidst the noise at the Capitol, we need to remind those making decisions that art and artists are important economically and culturally. 

Notably, the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition serves artists all over the state because of the Oklahoma Arts Council. This small state agency helps many groups provide programs around the state.

Please helps us show that art enthusiasts live across the state by contacting your legislators today telling them you believe in supporting the Oklahoma Arts Council. Or, drop by and see us in the 4th Floor Rotunda any time between 9 am & 4 pm.

Learn more about Arts Day from the Oklahomans for the Arts.

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