Monday, March 19, 2012

Healing Through Art: Sharon Allred

Guest Author: Richard Wills, Tulsa Art Studio Tour Committee Member
Sharon Allred, Reflecting 1916, Mixed Media on Canvas, 3"6x36"
Sharon Allred's passion for the arts and career as a cardiac nurse has led her to the Art of Healing program. The focus of this program is to provide an artistic outlet for patients so that they can better cope with their hospital stay and aid in recovery. 

Tulsa Art Studio Tour artist Sharon Allred (photo by Joey Frisillo)
Allred, trained as an artist-in-residence with the NYC Creative Center, has developed an artistic style that some people say is reflective of art therapy. The many layers or texture, color and motifs present in her artwork allows the viewer to delve deeply into their emotions while concurrently searching for a hidden image. With organic, intuitive movements, Allred's creative process takes base reference image and transforms it into a masterpiece comprised of many individual elements. 

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