Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Concept/OK: Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, we led two information sessions about the new exhibition, Concept/OK: Art in Oklahoma. At each session, we spent time fielding questions from the artists in attendance. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

General questions
Q: Is there a theme for Concept/OK?
A: No. The purpose of the exhibition is to highlight artists in Oklahoma. Both the Residency program and the Survey Exhibition are open to artists working in all media, and open to artwork engaged in any topic.

Q: Do I have to teach or do community workshops if I am in the exhibition?
A: No. Artists in the Residencies are asked to engage the public, which could include teaching.  Artists in the Survey and Focus are not required to participate in public programs or teaching.  Survey and Focus artists will be asked to suggest and lead educational programs during the exhibition to add to the outreach and audience, but are not required to do so.

Q: If I apply as an individual for either the Survey Exhibition or the Residency, can I also submit an application as part of a collaborative group?
A: No. You may apply as either an individual, or as part of a collaborative. Not both.

Q: If I don’t get accepted into the Residency program, can I apply for the Survey Exhibition?
A: Yes. You may not participate in both, but we encourage those who are not accepted into the Residency to then try for the Survey Exhibition. Residency applicants will be notified in late February 2012. Survey applications are due August 1, 2012 at 5pm.

Q: If I am not accepted into the Residency program, can I apply to the Survey Exhibition using the same proposed project?
A: Yes. But consider that the project will likely need to be on a smaller scale for the Survey Exhibition.

Q: When will the
Hardesty Arts Center be completed?
A: The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa has commitment from the construction company that the building will be completed by December 2012. Concept/OK will be the Hardesty Arts Center’s inaugural exhibition.
Survey/Focus Exhibition
Q: Is everyone that enters the Survey Exhibition automatically entered to be considered for the Focus exhibition?

A: Yes. The curator will choose up to 5 artists from the Survey exhibition entries for the Focus exhibition. The curator will visit finalist artists personally to select the featured artists. Those chosen for the Focus exhibition will exhibit a small body of work, receive $1,500 honoraria, extra attention in the catalogue and featured publicity.
Q: Is it really possible that only 25-50 pieces will be chosen for the Survey?
A: Yes, we can’t say exactly how many artworks will be in the Survey. The curator will have to look at the type of work submitted before determining what to select. We only offer the 25-50 range as an average of past survey-type exhibitions the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has coordinated.

Q: If I am chosen for the Focus Exhibition, how will my work get to Kansas City?
A: You will be responsible for getting your own work to Kansas City. Travel Stipends will be available.

Q: If I am accepted into the Residency program, when will I receive the money?

A: We will issue at least 2/3rds of the honorarium within a few weeks of the notification. The remaining funds will be issued once the show opens.

Hardesty Art Center - Ground Floor showing Main Gallery and Community Studio spaces

Hardesty Art Center - 2nd Floor showing Loft Gallery

Q: What facilities will be available to me in the studio while in residence? Are there any restrictions to the use of the space?
A: The community studios are made to be durable, with concrete floors and movable walls, to accommodate any type of project you may think of.  You should specify what space you would need as you could request a small area up to more than 1,000 square feet. The exterior walls are glass and open to the street. Your project could connect to exterior spaces there. The studio space is not set up as a proper living space, but if your project called for it, you could spend all day and night there, put yourself on display for the public, etc.
Most of the Hardesty Arts Center’s other facilities, including printmaking, dark room, computer and other equipment, prep areas, and classroom space, will be available to you as an artist in residence. If you need firing facilities, neighboring groups in the Brady Arts District may partner with us, such as Mel Cornshucker’s ceramics studio and Tulsa Glassblowing Studio.
If you have specific questions, i. e. wall coverings or technical needs, please let us know so we can inquire with the Hardesty’s architects. Right now the only restrictions are that the studios must be returned to the state they were in when the residency starts, i.e. repainted if altered, cleaned up, etc.
Q: When would the artist be in residence?
A: Part of your proposal will include your timeline for the residency.  The community studios will be available two weeks in advance of the opening and throughout the run of the exhibition.  We would expect the artist to make a commitment to be on site and accessible to the public as possible, but there are no set required hours.
Q: What Residency work has to be completed when the show opens?
A:  You may propose any number of ways of working and showing. Works in progress are welcome. Some completed work and some work still in progress would be fine. The studios allow for exhibiting work, which could be added as completed or start with some work when the exhibition opens.

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