Friday, December 9, 2011

The Painting Zone: 24 Works Artist Chad Mount

Interview by Katlyn Roberts, OVAC Intern
Chad Mount, Wish You Were, Acrylic, graphite, colored pencil on paper, 22” x 28”
Chad Mount, Oklahoma City

Is this painting part of a series? If so could you discuss the series and how the pieces relate.
This painting is part of a series of 3 works on paper. The pieces were created at the same time each painting was approached with different yet overlapping color pallet. At the time of creation I was working through some personal relationship experiences and letting those emotions guide the direction of each painting. In this series there is also an underlying current inspired by my experiences diving among the coral reefs of the Caribbean.

I much prefer the viewer to draw their own conclusions when viewing my art, but I will say the piece "Wish you were" selected for 24 Works there is an intimate dance happening.

How did you develop the vision of your art work?
Hmmm… good question. I often use my art as a tool to help me process my experiences in life. When I go to the studio to paint it usually takes me a little time to get warmed up and then I just enter somewhat of a meditative zone and can paint for hours. I also see my painting studio as a laboratory where I'm constantly experimenting with different mediums. Often combining materials to see what sort of chemical reactions take place. Just the thing they train you not to do in art school. It works for me.

This interview features an artist from the 24 Works on Paper exhibition, which is on display at Rose State College in Midwest City through December 14. A collaborative exhibition from the Individual Artists of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, this exhibition tours until September 2012. See more in the catalog and at

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