Monday, November 21, 2011

Collecting Objects Drives 24 Works Artist Betty Wood

Interview by Katlyn Roberts, OVAC Intern

Betty Wood, Norman
Betty Wood, Quilt Fence, Etching, 22” x 28”
What was the technical process of creating this piece?
This was an etching done a zinc plate. The image was created by etching the plate with nitric acid. This involved several steps, blocking out part of the image with asphaltum and continuing to etch those areas I wanted to be darker. I also used mineral spirits, etc. The fence portion of the piece was done by using a mylar overlay made from a Xerox print, along with wild grasses. This image was etched on top of the background. The plate was inked with oil-based etching inks in three colors and printed on dampened printmaking paper, and run thru a printing press.

Could you further discuss how this piece “Comments on the relationship between nature and humanity?”
The urge to collect objects is my powerful, inborn passion.  My love in experiencing the elements of grasses and other natural elements, makes me become part of the natural world. The viewer's attention is directed to the fragility of nature, its beauty, and preservation. The casual observer can find beauty in the most commonplace pieces of nature as the natural world is experienced. The relationship between nature and humanity are solidified as the environment is contemplated.

This interview features an artist from the 24 Works on Paper exhibition, which is on display at Rose State College in Midwest City. A collaborative exhibition from the Individual Artists of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, this exhibition tours until September 2012. See more in the catalog and at

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