Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exposing Details: Momentum Artist Lathen Kamas

Lathen Kamas, Tulsa
Lathen Kamas, Hasapikoh, Photograph, 9"x13"
Julia Kirt: Tell us about your concept for these photographs.
Lathen Kamas: The goal for any of the photographs I take is to record a subject in a natural state where details and subtleties that are generally overlooked can be captured and explored. This is typically challenging to achieve due to the way that the introduction of a camera affects behaviors and/or situations. To me, the real story of a person, place, or object lies in the details, and these things can only truly be exposed when you are able to share a moment without interrupting the natural state or behavior of the subject at hand. Small things like the way someone wields a knife, how a person shifts their weight when leaning against a wall, or how a shadow interacts with a subject can reveal another facet to a story. I search for the things in a seemingly ordinary situation that can cause a transformation into something extraordinary or unexpected. Exposing these moments and details can help redefine the way someone views what is taking place, and in turn, encourage them to focus on details that reveal more than what the broader picture initially communicates.

This series is intended to reveal ideas and traits not generally associated with the type of environment that the subjects are in. Despite the fact that this environment is generally recognized as a source of bloodshed, mutilation and primal behavior, the actions and states of the subjects are able to communicate things such as delicateness, precision, formality and a sense of content. The juxtaposition of such different ideas within the same environment was interesting and a great way to illustrate the importance of searching for and recognizing details.
Lathen KamasMakellarios, Photograph, 9"x13"
JK: Where else might audiences see your artwork?
LK: As someone who is relatively new to photography, this is the first exhibition opportunity that I have pursued. Because of that, the walls of my home are the only other place to view more of my work. So until I decide to venture outward again, I am happy to share what I have captured with friends and family over food and drink here in my home.

Momentum Tulsa opens October 8 with live music, performance and visual art by 57 young Oklahomans. The exhibition remains on display until October 27 at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E Brady. Learn more or buy tickets here.

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