Friday, September 16, 2011

Traditional Designs Meet Contemporary Approaches: JUURI

JUURI, Norman
JUURI, Sea Bed - Kaitei, Acrylic, colored pencil
and collage on wood
Q: Tell us about the inspiration for of your 12x12 piece.
JUURI: My inspiration was Japanese imagery in the goldfish and deep-sea plants. You might see these types of traditional designs on kimonos, or on other fabrics. I usually do a beautiful female face, and incorporate those types of elements around her.

Q: How did you execute it technically?
JUURI: The face is acrylic + colored pencil on wood. The plant and fish pattern I laid out digitally, printed, and collaged onto the wood. There is also gold leaf in the piece.

Q: In what upcoming venues might audiences be able to see your work?
JURRI:  I am scheduled to have a show in 2012 at DNA Galleries in OKC. I also try to expand my horizons by joining many group shows in Los Angeles and other big cities. I also have a special event coming up in Norman in summer 2012, but it's still under wraps!

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