Friday, April 1, 2011

Tulsa Art Studio Tour Artist: Steven Rosser

Steven Rosser, Acrylic

Steven Rosser - Oil and Printmaking 
Rosser earned an MA emphasizing Painting and Drawing from the University of Tulsa. His work has shown in galleries across the country and been published in various magazines, such as ArtLines, and on album covers for Warner Brothers. Because he finds the process of etchings and relief printings addictive, he is pursuing an MFA, this time in Printmaking. Rosser serves as an adjunct art teacher at Tulsa Community College and Rogers State University.
Steven Rosser in his studio

Most Important:
Rosser is inspired by mythology, fascinated by its narrative, ritual and ceremony. He is drawn to creating grotesque images in which he hopes to deconstruct traditional imagery and symbolism using contemporary sensibilities to reinventing the setting and characters. He said, “Art is a gift from the artist to the viewer. It is for the viewer to unwrap the present and discover what is inside.”
Steven Rosser, Acrylic
Ask about:
Graphic novels, his favorite drawing table, working on an acrylic base, and notions of ugliness

Where to find his work: Joseph Gierek Fine Art

Meet 9 artists and see their working spaces and during the Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 9 and 10. See this Art Focus Oklahoma article for more information or for tickets. 

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