Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Momentum Artist: Hershel Self

Hershel Self
Hershel Self, Untitled #1, Pigmented Archival Print, 24x18
Q: What was the concept behind your Momentum artwork(s)?
Hershel Self: Visually inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" these images generalize a population physically perfected & mentally conditioned through science and modern medicine. This highly productive and efficient society is able to exist only at the cost of individual thought and emotion.
Hershel Self, Untitled #3, Pigmented Archival Print, 24x18
Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work(s)
HS: A brief photo session is held with a model and then a selected image is edited in Photoshop. The portraits have been processed in a way to give the subjects flawless complexions and suggest an individual void of emotion. A touch of color has been left in the eyes to hint at the personalities that lay beneath the drugged, deadpan, expressions. 

Momentum OKC opens March 4& 5 with live music, performance and visual art by 97 young Oklahomans.  The exhibition remains on display until March 8 at 311 S Klein, OKC. Learn more or buy tickets here.

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