Friday, January 14, 2011

Resources: An Overview for Artists

Inspired by the Career Paths workshops we hosted for artists last spring, we have worked hard to update the Resources page for artists on our website. Please check it out:

We have outlined some major stages for artists in their practice/career/journey and provide guideposts with links to articles and opportunities that are relevant to those stages. We tried to point the reader in the direction of Oklahoma specific information as well as helpful national services. 

I would love your feedback. I want it to be succinct, knowing the volume of information on the web is enough to make anyone want to hibernate in their studio sometimes. Some day, I hope we can commission an artist to illustrate the guide as a lovely flow chart or some such, but meanwhile, we give you an outline. Please comment and or email to let us know other questions you have, things that aren't clear, etc.  

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Bryan Crump said...

I recently found a few awesome books that can help inspire some artists as well:

The Procrastinator’s Handbook | Author: Rita Emmett

The Rise of the Creative Class | Author: Richard Florida

The Social Media Bible, by Lon Safko and David K. Brake

A Whole New Mind | Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future
by: Daniel H. Pink

would love to see suggestions from others as well. What inspires you?