Friday, November 19, 2010

Grant Profile: Tammy Brummell

Tammy Brummell, Crossing, Digital & Photography

Tammy Brummell presented her work at this year’s Girlie Show in part with the assistance of an Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Professional Basics Grant. 

Based in Oklahoma City, Brummell’s primary career has been as a graphic designer, working on magazine layout and design. Seeking to expand her artistic exposure, she submitted to the Girlie Show. In her grant proposal, she emphasized that the attendance and promotion are excellent.  She projected that the show would include other artist with artwork as distinctive as hers, helping her share her work’s vision.  The grant funds supported printing and framing her work. 
Tammy Brummell, untitled, Digital & Photography
Describing her artwork, Brummell said, “Using vibrant colors with multi-layered images of patterns, graphics, objects and people, I create a deconstructed textured world of fantasy.”
More of her work can be seen on her new website,

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition provides project grants to artists to help them start and grow their careers at watershed stages.  Discerning individuals and businesses support this program through donations and OVAC’s 12x12 fundraiser. The administration of the program is supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council and Allied Arts.  

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romy owens said...

...a deconstructed textured world of fantasy. what a nice description.