Monday, November 29, 2010

Grant Profile: Nathan Lee

Guest Author: Brooke Rowlands, intern
Nathan Lee, Joy, Low fire clay & mixed media
Oklahoma based artist Nathan Lee is a self-taught visual artist who started in music and has transcended into the visual arts. Throughout his art career he has worked as an arts/life skill facilitator through the Youth Conerstone, main school districts, libraries, recreation centers, and DHS Sites. Lee has also conducted numerous workshops and classes through the community. With the help of a Professional Basics Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Lee will be able to upgrade his website, and make it more dynamic with more up-to-date technology.
Nathan Lee, Sanctuary, Low fire clay & mixed media
Lee will add video as part of his website portfolio. “My main purpose for wanting to include video as part of my presentation is to make potential clients familiar with me and to see my work in exhibitions as they happened. It is my ambition to make my work more visible and accessible through the addition of audio and video on the website. 
Nathan Lee, Balance, Low fire clay & mixed media
Lee's sculptures have been seen throughout Oklahoma City, at Istvan Gallery, Individual Artists of OKlahoma, and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s Momentum. He now primarily works as a mixed media artist, and is working to establish an African American center for art within Oklahoma City.

More of his work can be seen on his current website

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition provides project grants to artists to help them start and grow their careers at watershed stages.  Discerning individuals and businesses support this program through contributions and OVAC’s 12x12 fundraiser. The administration of the program is supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council and Allied Arts.  

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