Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Artist Profile: Molly O'Connor

Celebrity Book signing: Annie Onomus
3001 Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK
Molly O'Connor, Le Confession Zen, 2007
Annie Onomus has never been to Oklahoma, here straight from Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. She is an American socialite, heiress, media personality, model, singer, songwriter, author, fashion designer and actress. (taken straight from Paris Hilton’s bio).  She is in Oklahoma to sign her books out of the good will of her own heart.  And because that is what important people do.

You aren’t really sure who she is, but you are still curious to meet her and lined up to get a free book signed. 

Molly O’Connor will perform as Annie Onomus at a.k.a. Gallery in Paseo on Friday August 6. The Celebrity Book signing kicked off with appearances in Tulsa and Enid, greeting crowds of bemused art opening visitors. 
She said, “While the piece is meant to be light and funny, I really toy with the culture of celebrities and how it impacts our reality. Since we are bombarded with images and information about celebrities on a daily basis, maybe this performance will lead people to question the standards for success and beauty that we are expected to live up to. Hopefully people will also question how our society validates what is art and who is worthy of recognition or a life of entitlement.”
O’Connor has performed around Oklahoma regularly as original characters since the first Momentum exhibition in 2002.  Although primarily focusing on ceramics in college, she studied abroad in Holland, where O’Connor was exposed to a different way of creating artwork. The professors encouraged the students to come up with the idea or message first, then determine the right materials or technique to communicate.  So, she was encouraged to express ideas through sculpture, painting, performance, video or whatever seemed appropriate.
Molly O'Connor, Oklahoma Land Crawl, 2005
Her performances usually take place with unsuspecting audiences, amidst bigger events or other types of gatherings—from the OKC Story Slam to the Oklahoma Leadership Arts meetings. Most of her characters carry a sense of both allure and unease, challenging viewers to interact and reconsider society. 

If you see a curious, colorful, and vaguely familiar lady at the next art opening or conference you attend, approach her without fear and be sure to get your book signed. 

Are you interested in collaborating on performance art?  O’Connor is convening performance artists (new or experienced) in OKC.  You can contact her here to express interest.

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