Thursday, June 17, 2010

House of Clay: 60 Years in Business

Guest author: Erin Kozakiewicz, OVAC intern 
A quaint, mod, white building tucked on the side of Western across from the cemetery, beckons you with its large picture-window and flashback 60s letter-font. You know the place. You’ve driven by once or twice and wondered why you had never heard anything about it. The House of Clay has been a part of Oklahoma’s landscape for over 60 years.
The House of Clay recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of its purchase by the Meriweather family. Today, Judith Meriwether manages, owns and operates the shop.  Every month or two they hold sculpting classes taught by Bob Willis.  They sell many supplies including potter wheels, kilns, clays, glazes, brushes, books and pre-made pottery and ceramics. You can come in at any time during the hours of operation and use their firing tools as well. They often have “paint-ins, where customers choose their ceramic piece, paint in the ceramic shop alone or with friends, and create a masterpiece.”
When Judith’s father, Norman, purchased the business, he selected Frank Wallace, architectural designer for the Oral Roberts’ University, to design the shop. The picture window contains a bunch of old photos and ribbons.  “We decorate every year for the 4th of July,” she explained.

The House of Clay is a place is for anyone who wants to take up a new or revisit an old hobby.  Working in ceramics has been touted as being therapeutic (and is indeed much less expensive than therapy).  For more information on The House of Clay, you can visit their website at or call them (405) 524-5610.  

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