Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take Steps Now: Prepare for Emergencies

With all the tornados in the area and other disasters across the country, it’s a scary time to be an artist.  In the past week alone, one OVAC member’s home and studio were reduced to rubble by a tornado and another lost her primary art tool, a computer, and six months of images to theft.  Whether dealing with a small or large emergency, we don’t want you to lose your artwork or have dire financial set backs.

If you are like me, you periodically think you should get your files backed up off site, your account information safer, etc, but never get around to it.  The urgency always seems far off and the steps too burdensome.  However, even short term steps like making sure you have sufficient business insurance will improve how you rebound from an emergency. 

It’s time to channel that fear and concern into your own preparedness.

A great tool for artists, which we’ve mentioned before, is the Studio Protector.  Put out by the nonprofit Craft Emergency Relief Fund, this handy guide lays out necessities of getting ready for disasters.  Just this week in honor of the national May Day initiative, they have put much of the information online at:

Please take a few steps this week to protect yourself, your artwork and your studio.  Get entered to win a Studio Protector this week: leave a comment on the blog or Facebook telling us at least one thing you have done or will do this month to get more prepared.
Images from the Virtual Gallery
Top: Joan Matzdorf, Tulsa, After the Storm, Oil on Canvas, 14x18"
Bottom: Julie Miller, Sapulpa, Western Sky, Oil on Canvas, 12x12"


romy owens said...

with every new image i capture, i will save all full size versions offsite as well as on my external hard drive. and i will buy a fireproof safe in which i will store my external hard drives.

Anonymous said...

A safe room is now installed inside my art studio. I am also planning on putting a fireproof safe in the there as well to hold valuable art images and papers. I am signing up for renter's insurance and separate business insurance this month.