Friday, April 23, 2010

Grant Recipient: Ryan Kimberly Pack

Guest Blogger: Jackie Porter, OVAC Intern

Ryan Kimberly Pack received an OVAC Professional Basics Grant in 2009. This type of grant aids artists with the physical presentation and documentation of artwork. She applied because she needed funding to purchase art supplies for a year-long mentorship (October 2009 to October 2010) in Enid, Oklahoma with Sarah and Shane Scribner.

This mentorship is a live-in artist opportunity with Sarah and Shane as Ryan’s mentors. She has the grant funds for paint brushes, paint, canvas, model fees and props/clothes for photo shoots, for her year-long opportunity.

In the past, Ryan has created abstract paintings that look like paper cut-outs with stylized and cartoon-like human figures with bold lines, colors, and geometric planes. The difference between her artwork before the program began and now is striking.  When I saw a piece created before the mentorship, it took me a while to understand the same person created both.

The Scribners create realistic portraits and have influenced Ryan to create art that is not abstracted, but strictly what she sees. This push toward realism is very evident in Ryan’s more recent pieces.

To explore the Scribner’s style, she has learned how to blend oil paint more realistically and to paint based on live perspective. Throughout this process, she has learned what art supplies are best for the techniques she is learning and about human anatomy.  The Scribners have also helped Ryan learn how to use a professional camera and Photoshop.

Thanks to the grant, she has been using her supplies without hesitation, is learning more about art as a professional career, and about the world of figure painting/anatomy. Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition glad to support Ryan’s career growth.

For recent work, please visit Ryan’s blog.  Also, you can visit the Scribner’s gallery online

OVAC Grants to Artists are available to Oklahoma artists at various stages of their careers to help with preparation of artwork for public presentation, continuing education, and major professional opportunities. Grants support artists' projects and application deadlines are quarterly.

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