Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Momentum Artist: Lindsay Larremore, Stillwater

Lindsay Larremore
Doorknob #1
Oil Paint

Q: What was the concept behind your Momentum artwork?
A: Recently I have been fascinated with convex reflective objects and how they distort images. In my series of doorknobs I am exploring the domestic interior in a whole new way, discovering how the reflections and lighting can dramatically change the mood of the room. At the same time I am adding figures to the painting to add a sense of unease. Through these implied narratives I am trying to make the viewer question what is going on. It's like a mystery to solve, but in these paintings it will always remain a mystery. I enjoy the playfulness of creating these strange scenes. I walk around houses and unveil this hidden world as seen through the eyes of the doorknob. In a way, the doorknob sees everything that happens in these rooms and it keeps secrets. It can either lock you in a room or set you free. There is also a slight hint of voyeurism in some of these paintings, making the viewer wonder if it's appropriate for them to be spying on this scene. I enjoy how the paintings make the viewer either feel like they are the doorknob, being all seeing, or that they are the person in the reflection. It's meant to ask these questions and to confuse viewers. I'm having fun with these paintings and I think in the future I will explore other reflective surfaces and other venues for them. 

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work.
A: For these doorknob paintings, which I am currently creating a body of works of, I am literally walking around houses trying to see new spaces through doorknobs. I will take several photos so that I can get a feel for the warped perspective then sketch the composition using the photos as references, eliminating myself from the reflection. Doorknob #1 was the first of the body of works that I am working on now and I have since then begun to add different mediums to the oil paint to give it a more shiny reflective feel. This painting here is very smooth and was painted with layers of oils without much other medium other than linseed oil.

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Emily Langdon said...

Loves! Great job, Linds! Do you have a site with other works on it? I'd love to see more.