Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Chris Mantle

Mantle grew up in Louisiana and moved to Tulsa in 2004. He has been making art for as long as he can remember and is best known for paintings and ink drawings, as well as his stream-of-consciousness-style musical performances.

Where you’ve seen it:
Cherry Street Coffee House, Eclipse, Shades of Brown, and Self Gallery.

Ask about:
His book collection, studying chemical engineering as a hobby, and his plan to save the world.
“50% of me is music and 50% is art. I’ve found a way to combine my interest in both by performing music and spoken word pieces inspired by the art I create.”

Guest Blogger: Sarah Jesse, Bernsen Director of Education and Public Programs at the Philbrook Museum of Art.

Meet 10 artists and see their working spaces and during the Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 10 and 11.

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