Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Milissa Burkart

Burkart received a BFA from the University of Tulsa with an emphasis in printmaking.  Inspired by her work at TU’s rare books and manuscripts library, she began to create what she refers to as “book objects”— intimate-sized, 3-dimensional constructions that incorporate found objects, writing, painting, and printmaking. 

Where you’ve seen it:
Nimrod literary journal, Bookworks at the Philbrook Museum of Art, and the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition and Pearl galleries.

Ask about: 
Her Artograph machine, bug collection, and trips to her dad’s biology lab as a kid. 

“I like to draw attention to things we don’t notice in nature.  We see landscapes as a whole, but what’s within one square inch of it?  I like bugs.  I garden so I’m always accidentally disturbing an ant colony or chopping a worm in half.  Artworks like Ode to the Mighty Worm are my way of paying tribute.”

Guest Blogger: Sarah Jesse, Bernsen Director of Education and Public Programs at the Philbrook Museum of Art.

See working artists' spaces during the Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 10 and 11. A Preview exhibition  opens March 4, 5-8 pm at the Circle Cinema, 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa.

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