Monday, December 21, 2009

Etsy Okies: Artists Selling Online

So, I love to shop on Etsy and thought it would be fun to write about Okies selling there. I love the handcrafted and the small shops. I must not have asked in the right way or the right people to find them, so I only received a few Okie Etsy links. Even this small sample, though, has some splendid and widely varied work.

From the business side, I am curious about the benefits and challenges of the site, as well as the model of online sales. The New York Times wrote about the challenge of the business in a
recent article.

Chad Mount, OKC:
Paintings and sketches of mysterious, colorful characters.

Natalie Wright, OKC:
Well-chosen vintage clothing and accessories.

May Yang, Tulsa
Screenprints and hand-printed cards [full disclosure we at OVAC are using these super-cute thank you cards]

Also, you can do a search of the seller’s location,
here’s a search for sellers in Oklahoma. Alternatively, you can press the Buy tab, then click on "shop local."

Post a link to your Etsy page or your favorite!

P. S. What other online sales vehicles are artists finding especially great or ineffective?


ElectricFeelVintage said...

Kerry Myers and Kelly Bentley
Visit Electric Feel Vintage out of OKC-
Hand picked original vintage

Mblack222 said...

34th Street Vintage: Vintage style clothing and accessories, vinyl and other vintage collectables,art work from local Ok. artist Mandy Black

Luksi Creations said...

Luksi Creations

Art and Handmade Crafts by Kiamichi Goodbear

plush toys, Native American bead work, original artwork, journals

conklinlove said...

Have you all checked out ?

It's FREE online stores with social shopping. I really like the design--and the fact that it's FREE!!!

Christan Lane said...

Love your blog.. here's my store!

Art of Living Studios

Christan Templeton