Monday, December 28, 2009

Business of Art: Book Reviews

The volume of books about art businesses is pretty overwhelming with many titles and concentrations. I have read more than a dozen business books targeting artists and sometimes get confused which is which, not to mention which ones to recommend for whom.

However vast, artists should make use of the resources available. Why invent your own contract when a book already provides a sample? Why feel alone in your creative blocks when a book shows the challenges of continuing to create artwork? Why stumble through self-promotion when you could create a strategy and learn from others’ successes? Of course much of this information is available online, but the bonus of highlighting, tabbing, and taking notes makes books quite valuable. Plus the books authors give their individualistic perspective, which are each different, showing possibilities for a variety of approaches to art careers.

The next few blog posts will feature brief reviews and recommendations of business of art books by several knowledgeable artists. I hope the reviews will help artists know which books are most useful for which topics and career stages. Start the New Year of right with resources in hand.

Feel free to add your own two cents about the books!
Guest Authors:
Sarah Atlee, Artist,
Sue Clancy, Artist,
Amanda Hall, Artist & Special Projects Coordinator for Art Beat Oklahoma
Liz Roth, Artist and OK State Professor,
Eric Wright, Artist,
+ me (Julia Kirt, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Image Caption: Book Hound by Sue Clancy (a drawing on her reviews mailed to us

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