Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Using the Keyboard to Make the World Your Studio

This Saturday, November 14, OVAC will present an Artist Survival Kit Workshop giving artists some tips and information for marketing their artwork. "Getting the Word Out: Marketing and Social Media for Artists" will be held from 1-4pm at the USAO Art Department in Chickasha. Today is the last day to get a discount on your registration and there is still plenty of space left for you! One of our presenters, Patrick Allmond, is our guest blogger today, giving you a glimpse of what he'll be speaking about. More information about the workshop and online registration is at Hope to see you there!

"I think the DNA pool gave you - the artist - a different set of senses than the rest of us.

When I look at a bucket of paint, a block of clay, or a piece of paper I see a colorful two dimensional piece of material that I used to play with in days gone by.

But not you. You see so much more in the world. You see different shapes, different colors, and different sides of things that a lot us never thought to consider. You make us smile, frown and sometimes goes "Ahhhhhhhhh" with your creations. I love the fact that art - of any type - can alter the perspective of any human being that experiences it. The viewer is forever changed after seeing the creation that is the fruit of the artist.

However the constant challenge as an artist is to get people to see the world the same way that you do. Almost every day of your existence is spent trying to share your creation, your thoughts, and your feelings with the people around you. It would be great if art marketed and sold itself. But until that happens you need to find better and more cost-effective ways of sharing your creations. One of the best ways starts right at home with that keyboard and that mouse.

Saturday we are going to spend 75 minutes together talking about using technology to help artists spread the word of their craft. My presentation titled "Using the Keyboard to Make the World Your Studio" will touch on how marketing has evolved online and the five key areas you need to consider exploring. We will also be talking about Social Media or "Anybody Media" and how this differs from traditional marketing.

The best part of our discussion is the cost of what it will take you to use these tools. You will be surprised to learn that everything I mention on Saturday costs nothing.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday."
- Patrick Allmond

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