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Momentum OKC Spotlight: FAQ

Artist proposals are due by November 9 for Momentum OKC’s Spotlight program. Momentum: Art Doesn't Stand Still is a mixed media and interactive art event held annually in Oklahoma City. The Momentum Spotlight offers three young Oklahoma artists each a $1,750 honorarium and valuable interaction with a contemporary curator. A full call for entries can be found here.

Below is an attempt to answer some of the questions potential applicants might have. Let us know if you have more questions or things we should answer here.

Grace Grothaus McWilderness from Momentum OKC Spotlight 2009

What is a project?
For Momentum Spotlight, a project is a distinct body of work created for the March 2010 exhibition. This could be an idea for a group of works based around a concept/theme, a single ambitious piece or a site-specific installation.

Recent Spotlight projects have included things like: a series of paintings installed in a custom-painted room with a hands on element (Emily Kern), a large, kinetic sculpture (Nick Bayer), and an installation with multiple mixed media parts (Dustin Boise). Check out videos and images of past Spotlight projects here:

It’s important to note that we don’t expect the artwork to be completed or fully fleshed out when proposed. We hope that the selected artists will be open to progressing their idea and/or presentation of their work through dialogue with the curator. Several of the last Momentum Spotlight projects changed significantly throughout the creation while other artists had their concept pretty far along before even starting meetings with the curator. Each artist had different levels of conversation with the curator depending on their idea and how much he/she had already determined.

What is a proposal?
A proposal answers the main questions a curator or venue would have about your idea. This is your chance to describe your dream artwork project so that someone who knows nothing about it can understand. Sometimes this description is called a "narrative," other times the proposal includes multiple specific components (like resume, images, artist statement, etc).

Questions you may want to answer in your project proposal description:
-What is the concept or theme of the work?
-What types of material do you intend to use?
-What amount of space would you want for your work? What number of works and/or approximate sizes do you propose?
-How does this idea fit with your current or past work? Note any significant new direction your work will take.

Momentum Tulsa Spotlight artists tour Living Arts

Does it have to be a totally new body of work unrelated to past projects?
No. Artists may submit work that connects to past artwork they’ve created.

Where is the show and how much space can I use?
The Momentum OKC site is not set yet. Our goal is to get a venue similar to last year, which allowed artists to create large works. Last year each artist was able to tour the site to review possible spaces for their projects. Selected artists would work with the curator to make sure the venue is appropriate for their work.

Does it matter how I spend the money?
No. For Momentum Spotlight, you can spend the funds as you need. We know artists need money for everything from art materials to gasoline and respect you to create your own project budget. There is no reporting about expenditures. Artists are given about 3/4 up front and ¼ once the exhibition opens.

Why the age limit?
OVAC offers programs for artists at different levels and stages of their careers. Momentum Spotlight is oriented toward young independent artists, helping them take on a bigger or different project with direct feedback from a curator. Please remember the
Art 365 and OVAC Grants programs if you are older than 30. Also, most galleries accept proposals for exhibition. You can check OVAC’s Resource Guide, which lists more than 60 venues that show Oklahoma artists work.

Should I make my proposal presentation fancy?
No. OVAC will be putting proposals into binders for the curator’s review. Any fancy packaging or things that fall outside the proposal checklist will not be included. We recommend focusing your attention on your project description and other application components.

Resources for: “How do I…”
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Write an artist statement?

Select images as my artwork samples?

Write a proposal?
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