Friday, October 9, 2009

Momentum Artist: Michelle Himes-McCrory

Momentum Tulsa 2009 opens Saturday, October 10 with a big party of live music (COLOURMUSIC, Ghost, and Tribes of Soul) and fun. Tickets available in advance and at the door.

Curators selected 93 artworks by 66 artists for the exhibition. Also, three Spotlight artists will exhibit bodies of work, Nick Bayer, Dustin Boise, and Emily Kern. Intern Ashley Romano interviewed the artists to learn about their creative process. Watch for more profiles throughout the run of the exhibition, which remains on display at Living Arts, 307 E Brady, Tulsa, until October 24.

Michelle Himes-McCrory, Stillwater

Too Young to be So Tired, Just Beyond the Trees and Beneath the Surface

Mixed Media

Q: What was your concept(s) behind your work(s)?

MH: Too Young to be So Tired, Just Beyond the Trees and Beneath the Surface are all part of the Through the Woods series. These mixed media pieces are a continuation of the work I had at Momentum Oklahoma City this year. This self-reflective series has overlapping narratives and is reminiscent of dark fables with an unsettling atmosphere set deep in the woods. The extreme close-ups and oblique angles foreshadow an ominous outcome which contrasts with the bottom of each piece containing a hidden world below. The pieces are simultaneously private and public, leaving hints but ultimately letting the viewer decide the story.

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used for the piece(s).

MH: I intended the series to loosely resemble illustrations from a book or clips from a storyboard. The work utilizes a combination of modern technology and traditional techniques. I used graphite and ink on Claybord panels that transitioned from a more detailed drawing to an unfinished sketch, leaving only penciled outlines. The drawings are on smaller boards that are bolted together and then bolted to antique sewing drawers underneath. I measured the drawers and made pencil drawings on paper to fit each space. I scanned the drawings and then printed them on Shina plywood using a laser engraving system. I mounted the wood inside the drawers and coated the work with sealer. The end result is a juxtaposition of materials and techniques that are both new and old.

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