Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prepare for Emergencies

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund offers help for artist hit by disaster, like studios flooded during Katrina or equipment burned by fires. Although we would all prefer not to consider the ugly possibilities, artists should prepare taking regular steps to protect their artwork and career. CERF offers the following tips in this months email newsletter (well worth reading!):

-Make a Disaster Supply Kit
There are plenty of resources on the web to help you put together a kit:
Red Cross

-Information Backup
Your art career probably depends on a greater variety and quantity of information than you realize. Organize, duplicate and store it for reliable retrieval in case the primary source is destroyed. Focusing on computer backups, vital business records, and photo/video records of the studio and artwork will get you well on your way!

-Tools of the Trade
Much can be done in the days before a hurricane strikes to protect life and property, but what can you do now so that, for instance, your tools and equipment are likely to be usable once the hurricane has passed and your local community is back to business? Are you prepared to easily take the portable items with you when evacuating? What can you do now so that the non-portable items will be better protected?

-Online Disaster Plans
You may not finish this week, but creating an overall disaster preparedness plan for your business is getting easier with some of the online tools now available from the
Institute for Business & Home Safety or

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