Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Advocacy Alert- Federal Highway Funds affect Art

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is introducing an amendment that will cut off cultural spending related to highway projects. Funding to our museums, scenic trails and more will be affected. Please contact Senator Coburn to urge him not to introduce this amendment.

From Americans for the Arts:

"According to a report in today's Congressional Quarterly, Sen. Coburn (R-OK) is planning an amendment to H.R. 3288, the FY10 Transportation Appropriations bill that seeks to halt the Transportation Enhancement grant program. This bill is on the Senate floor now, and expected to be completed by Wednesday or so.

'The $122 billion bill enjoys largely bipartisan backing, but Coburn wants to eliminate some transportation programs he deems “low priority.” One of his amendments would prohibit the use of funds for roadkill reduction programs, transportation museums, scenic beautification projects, or bike and pedestrian paths until the Highway Trust Fund is solvent.'

See Americans for the Arts Resource Guide for more info on the Transportation Enhancement program at U.S. Dept of Transportation. It involves various forms of arts organizations, and is administered locally by state departments of transportation."

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