Tuesday, August 4, 2009

24 Works on Paper Artists: Romy Owens

To give insight into the works included in the 24 Works on Paper exhibition, Ryan Pack has interviewed some of the participating artists about their work in the show. The exhibition continues through August 8 at IAO Gallery, 811 N Broadway in downtown OKC. It will then travel the state for a full year.

Romy Owens
How has society influenced your art?
i have a secret society living inside my brain that i don't really like to talk about, but because i like you, i'll tell you that this society has brainwashed me to the point that i actually think i enjoy hand stitching my work.

Are there any social implications in your piece?
i am just arrogant (or naive) enough to say that if there were not social implications to my art, it would not be art. oh my.

If you could write an artist's statement for your piece, what would it be?
three needles snapped while i was sewing "stop copying off my homework" which debuted in the spring 2008 underground exhibit called wheels which was curated by julia kirt. it was originally titled, "untitled (train 2)," but then i changed the title after a recurring conversation with a good friend. blerg. that's a thought-provoking and difficult question to answer. i'm afraid that will have to do.

For those of you who created portraits: Why have people inspired your piece? What is it about portraiture that interests you?
sarah atlee rocks my face off.

Do you listen to anything while you create your work?
lately, i've been listening to malcolm gladwell on audiobook. he's an interesting fellow. but mostly i have movies playing while i sew. i listen to them like they are old time radio programs. i think i've listened to fight club 100 times.

What inspires you (Be it art, music, books, movies, etc..)?
i would tell you but the secret society made me pinky swear that i would never tell. (it's totally the human condition.)

Would you care to tell us about the technique you used for your piece?
photograph, upload, tweak, print, cut, assemble, measure, score, puncture, sew, lather, rinse, repeat.

And why the technique appeals to you?
absolutely because it is so time and labor intensive. and while i am sewing i can be at home, listening to movies, and wearing my pajamas all day if i want. and i want. oooh, and i get wicked calloused digits. and it's totally zen. i dig it the most. if i could, i would sew all day long, every single day. but answering your questions is fun too. and not sewing all the time makes me appreciate the times when i get to sew all the more.

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