Friday, July 10, 2009

Help: Rejection, what's love got to do with it? Liz Roth #2

Below are more ideas about dealing with rejection as an artist from Liz Roth, who calls herself at times a “proposal machine,” said “Rejection is a part of all competitive endeavors. Once you make the decision to function as a professional artist and put your work out in the public sphere, you begin to have opportunities for feedback. Most of this feedback is: rejection.”

A summary of the strategies Roth suggests to get past rejection (her full chapter does each topic more justice, but you can get the book later!):
1. Plan for Rejection: Rejection is easier to take if you have a lot exciting possibilities on the horizon.
2. Stick to your routines: This way, you’re choosing to interpret the rejection as just a part of the process, and not a life changing experience.
3. Rejection in, Application Out: have proposals ready to mail as soon as you get that decline letter
4. Choose to interpret the failure as feedback: look again at your application and fine-tune materials, recheck the eligibility and guidelines
5. Create a community that is supportive: you need other artists to get through
6. Vent
7. Professional Help: consider getting assistance like professional photographers, art marketing advisors, lawyers, counselors, etc.
8. Self Care: it is ok to grieve and relax
9. Reconnect with art: get in the studio, play, experiment, remember why you make art
10. Work on art-related tasks
11. Take a little break from art
12. Say YES: find ways to build your relationships and career by saying yes to small opportunities you receive

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