Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Help: Rejection, what's love got to do with it? Kate Kline

If you can accept that your artwork will not be chosen for everything you hope, how can you prepare for the dismissal, denial, and dismissal ahead when trying to show your artwork to the world?

I asked several artists who exhibit regularly and participate widely to let me know how they deal with artistic rejection. Each artist’s approach seems different, but each seems to focus on selecting appropriate opportunities for their art, allowing the rejection to motivate them in their artwork, and finding better places to show when they get turned down.

Over the next few weeks, I will post edited interviews with the artists who responded to my inquiries. Please
email me if you want to add your voice to these perspectives.

Kate Kline, Tulsa, responded quickly with her perspective:

Q: How do you decide what juried shows to enter?
KK: I ask "Will my work fit in the theme/media of this show?" "How does my work compare in quality to past works from this show?"

Q: What percentage of them would you say you’ve gotten in over your career?
KK: about 80%

Q: What is your experience of rejection from artistic things?
KK: Major disappointment and reconsideration of the quality of my work.

Q: Has it changed over time?
KK: Well, I'm better able to cope with the rejection and see the personal growth that has occurred because of the rejection. I, like many others, have had works rejected only to have them accepted at "better" venues and with praise. I think being more aware of the juror(s) involved would be wise in the future.

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