Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Artist: Ruth Ann Borum

Our intrepid intern Ryan Pack (RP) is querying artist members about business of art tips. Watch on Mondays for new artist interviews. This week's query is to Ruth Ann Borum from Norman. Her work can be seen and purchased at DNA galleries in Oklahoma City (16th and Blackwelder, in the Plaza District).

RP: Your work is so imaginative and creative. How do you deal with "creative block", so to speak? Are there times when you become frustrated with your work? How do you overcome it?

RAB: I have been able to avoid "creative block" by having many channels open at once. i have writing projects, drawing series, and items I obsessively collect, so if one thing gets stale, I move to another. Not all of my creative life is something I exhibit. I give myself avenues free from the pressure of sharing the products publicly. I also play games sometimes, by inventing limitations you can sometimes get a flow back.

RP: Also I was wondering what were some of the first steps you took to ensure success in your career as an artist? Where did you first start exhibiting your work?

RAB: I make sure that every day I do SOMETHING. whether its updating my website, working on paintings, or following up with correspondence, I make sure that I keep a steady pace. I have part time jobs, but I make sure that they do not drain my physical or mental energy so much that I am unable to fulfill my real goal, which is being a career artist.

I first started exhibiting my work in coffee houses and restaurants. I now exhibit in galleries or open my studio to the public.

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