Monday, May 11, 2009

Guest Artist: romy owens

Emerging artist (& recent intern) Ryan Pack is querying artist members about business of art tips. Watch on Mondays for new artist interviews. This week's query is to romy owens from OKC.

RP: What made me want to become an artist?

ro: i still remember the sunday in april 2003 when i walked out of the darkroom with an absolutely beautifully perfect fb print of the best image i'd captured at the time, and i realized that maybe i had a future making art. i experienced a personal epiphany. and from that point forward i never thought i wasn't an artist. i still love that photo. (it's attached.)

RP: How did you get started?

ro: i finished school in 2005, and is it weird that i kinda feel like i'm still getting started?
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that, and my friends and my family were incredibly supportive, so i never had to worry about being hungry.

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